Washington State JDAI History

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JDAI expansion statewide officially began in 2004, when the Annie E. Casey Foundation - AECF awarded a grant to WA State to support JDAI expansion.  Prior to statewide expansion beginning in earnest, several jurisdictions were already working to shift their systems towards the JDAI model.  King County beginning implementing significant reform efforts in 1998, Pierce Co. began implementation in 2003, and several other counties began discussing how to implement JDAI in their local jurisdictions in 2003 as well.  A State JDAI Coordinator was contracted with in 2004 in order to support the expansion of JDAI statewide and to provide technical assistance to local sites as they implemented the 8 Core Strategies.  In 2016, the role of JDAI State Coordinator was brought into the Office of Juvenile Justice as a fulltime position. Please see the JDAI Journey in detail here.

In addition to funding from the AECF, the WA State Legislature (beginning SFY 2009) and the WA State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice (beginning SFY 2006) have provided funding for JDAI Expansion.  Funding levels and sources are identified in the graph below. 


JDAI Funding History chart

The Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice has adopted JDAI as the primary detention reform and system improvement strategy for the State of Washington and continues to invest federal funding in the initiative. The Council supports continued expansion of this successful initiative and has selected alternatives to detention, specifically the JDAI Model, as one of the top juvenile justice priorities for the state.

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Jenny Young is the JDAI State Coordinator for Washington State. Contact Jenny at Jenny.Young@dshs.wa.gov or (360) 902-0872.