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As of August 2018, there are eight jurisdictions formally participating in the WA State JDAI Project: Adams, Benton-Franklin Counties, Clark, King, Mason, Pierce, Snohomish, and Whatcom.  These nine counties represent 65 percent of the juvenile population in WA ages 10 to 17 years and BLANK percent of the youth of color population.  In order to ensure support of these jurisdictions and the vital need for collaboration among them a statewide infrastructure has been designed.

JDAI State Steering Committee

The JDAI State Steering Committee meets on a quarterly basis where all 8 jurisdictions as well as several statewide organizations and agencies are represented.  Steering Committee members focus on identifying cross-cutting issues for all sites, sharing expertise and information on policy and program impacts, and make decisions regarding how to communicate about the work and support those doing the work at the local level.  The Steering Committee meets on a quarterly basis and full list of Steering Committee Members can be found here.  

JDAI State Executive Committee

The JDAI State Executive Committee was formed to act as a support to the Steering Committee and local JDAI jurisdictions.  Members on this committee are committed to removing system barriers and working to obtain additional resources for local sites to continue effective implementation of the model.  Members advocate for JDAI and for the policies, practices, and processes that support the philosophy of the model and the values of the state in improving outcomes for youth and their families while maintaining public safety.  The Executive Committee meets twice a year and a full list of Executive Committee Members can be found here.

Data Quality, Access, and Analysis Work Group

Members from the Steering Committee as well as their local collaborative’s volunteer to serve on this work group in order to focus collaboratively on the need for reliable and accurate data.  This work group meetings on a quarterly basis and is currently focused on the annual production of a statewide JDAI Annual Data Report.  Goals regarding a JDAI Data Dictionary as well as an interactive Data Dashboard to streamline quarterly data reporting are also being worked towards.  None of these goals would be achievable without the support and collaboration of the Administrative Office of the Courts, who provides much of the information for the work group and analysis of the data for reporting purposes.

Conditions of Confinement Work Group

JDAI Site Detention Managers volunteered to serve on this committee and meet on a quarterly basis in order to review the C.H.A.P.T.E.R.S. Detention Self-Assessment Tool.  Due to the significant amount of time it takes to complete this level of self-assessment local stakeholders want to be sure they are not asking their assessment team volunteers to spend significant amounts of time obtaining information that can be provide before the assessment during the orientation process.  Upon completion of their review of the tool the work group will provide a formal recommendation to the JDAI State Steering Committee on how to implement the tool in local jurisdictions and at what frequency it should be completed.


2019 Committee and Work Group Meeting Schedules

Steering Committee                                                        Data Work Group

                February 27th                                                                      February 4nd         

                May 22nd                                                                               April 22nd

                August 14th                                                                         July 22nd

                November 13th                                                                  October 28th


Conditions of Confinement Work Group

March 19th

May 21st

July 16th

September 17th

November 19th


Jenny Young is the JDAI State Coordinator for Washington State. Contact Jenny at Jenny.Young@dshs.wa.gov or (360) 902-0872.