Youth Committee

Committee Statement of Purpose

The Youth Committee ensures that the WA-PCJJ members are aware of the needs of youth in the system, and that the Council is actively utilizing its youth in the state in the development of the state’s juvenile justice plan. The committee engages youth and families, acts as an advisor to the WA-PCJJ on youth issues, and strives to keep juveniles' needs, as well as system and program improvements, as constant priorities at the state and national level. The Youth Committee is also responsible for promoting and implementing the annual Spirit of Youth Award.

Committee Co-Chairs: Iziah Reedy & Xavier Ferguson

OJJ Staff Support: Vazaskia Crockrell & Aaron Moore

2019 Scheduled Meetings

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.  If you are interested in joining the Youth Committee, please reach out to Aaron Moore, the assigned committee staff.

Committee Membership Roster

Green Hill School Youth
Echo Glen Youth
Naselle Youth
Community Program Youth
Community Youth
Community Serving Agency Representatives