Frequently Asked Questions

An application may be denied because the applicant:

  • Failed to provide all required information or documents.
  • Had an outstanding “want” or warrant.
  • Provided false information.
  • Has been convicted of a felony.
  • Is a former resident of the Special Commitment Center (SCC).
  • Is a current or former employee of the SCC.
  • Has a restraining order which, if the visitor were approved, might cause violation of the order.
  • Is a minor and not an immediate family member, adopted child or ward of the resident.
  • Is listed as a visitor for another resident.
  • Has a communicable disease or other health risk.
  • Has been determined to be a risk to the resident’s effective treatment.
  • Was a victim of the resident.
  • Other reasons which represent a risk to the SCC, its residents and staff.
  • Providing complete, correct information.
  • Requesting a waiver. The request should be addressed to the Superintendent, Special Commitment Center. Exceptions may only be granted by the Superintendent or designee. Waivers to allow a person to switch from visiting one resident to another are not routinely approved.

Residents may not have money in their possession.

  • Each resident has a personal account. You may give money to the resident for his or her personal use by sending a money order or check (personal, cashier’s, or travel check) through the U.S. mail to:

    Business Office
    Special Commitment Center

    PO Box 88450
    Steilacoom, WA 98399