About Services and Enterprise Support Administration

The Services and Enterprise Support Administration (SESA) provides support services and infrastructure for Administrations within DSHS. The Administration builds a foundation for the Department to provide direct services to clients and communities, helping DSHS save money and allowing employees to be more productive. SESA provides support to nearly 17,000 staff and approximately 23,000 contractors each year.

SESA’s services include:

  • The Office of Fraud and Accountability (OFA) serves to protect the integrity of all DSHS programs and ensure the right benefits are provided to the right people.

  • The Human Resources Division (HRD) has five primary service areas:

  1. Position Management
  2. Operations
  3. Organizational Leadership
  4. Training, Investigations
  5. Labor Relations
  • The Office of Indian Policy (OIP) promotes government to government relations between the Department of Social and Health Services and tribes, and collaboration with the Recognized American Indian Organizations to assure quality and comprehensive program service delivery to eligible American Indians and Alaska natives in Washington state. OIP assists DSHS Administrations and contractors in the development of culturally responsive programs and services, particularly in the areas of Tribal Centric Behavioral Health, Children’s Administration training and Indian Child Welfare Manual revisions, elder care services, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) negotiations, child support enforcement, juvenile justice agreements, and innovation in intergovernmental contracting with the contract consolidation project.

  • The Information System Services Division (ISSD) is the Department’s primary service provider for agency-wide information technology services such as network infrastructure, shared messaging, telephone and voice services; data security; Internet/Intranet services; enterprise architecture and agency IT policy.

  • Office of Policy and External Relations (OPER) is responsible for government relations, administrative rules and hearings, privacy and public records and the State Hospital Safety Review Panel.

  • The Office of Communications includes media relations, internal and external communications, visual communications, constituent services, mentoring, and the Victim/Witness Notification Program.

  • Research and Data Analysis (RDA) provides policy-relevant analyses of government-funded social and health services in Washington state thanks to its national leadership in integrating social service data across programs and through time. RDA also coordinates and reports performance metrics for DSHS. 

  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) provides services and support of Department goals related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence. ODI administers the DSHS Affirmative Action Plan and supplier diversity plans.

  • Planning and Continuous Improvement Office supports the Department in improving accountability through Lean process training and implementation.