Turnaround Times

BCCU is currently experiencing longer turnaround times. We are not able to estimate the exact time when checks will be completed. Status of “Pending” means the background check was successfully submitted to BCCU and is in queue to be processed by our staff. Please review page 22 of Background Check System Entity User Guide for all status definitions. BCCU asks that everyone plan accordingly for longer turnaround times with their new hires and renewals. Please do not submit duplicate requests as this only adds to the current backlog.

Background Checks Results will not come back in the order submitted. Some background checks may come back very quickly, sometimes within minutes. Other background checks requiring review of information or manual intervention, will take longer. We anticipate in September we will have average turnaround times posted on our website.
Estimated Turnaround Times for the week of December 10, 2018

Background Check Item

Working on inquiries submitted the week of:

Inquiries in a Pending Status may include Name and Date of Birth Checks, Interim Fingerprint Checks, Final Fingerprint Checks


December 3, 2018

Court Documents, Applicant Affidavits, and Legal Documents including Additional Information Needed Notification requested documents

 December 10, 2018

Applicant Requests for Background Check Information

December 10, 2018


BCCU is currently addressing the backlog by:

  • Staff are working overtime - We have several staff working overtime to assist in processing to provide our customers with quicker background checks.

  • Increased communication to customers – Customers are submitting duplicate requests causing further delays.  We found one applicant last week where the entity submitted the request 9 times.  These each have to be processed and add to the growing queues.  We have created additional training information, system notifications, and will be updating our website with this information (please spread the word). 

  • BCS defect Triage – We are trying to prioritize BCS issues in a manner that has a greater impact for our customers and staff.  As we continue to work these issues, our system will run smoother and give us the ability to process/respond faster.  We anticipate this will also reduce the calls/emails we are receiving.

  • One position vacancy will be filled soon


*Fingerprint Background Checks requiring research from Oregon or Montana may be delayed up to three weeks due to state’s response time back to BCCU.

General Information

  • All background checks are now submitted through the Background Check System (BCS).

  • Background checks that do not require BCCU research will be processed with results returned to the requester in BCS within hours.

  • Working days are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding state holidays.

  • WSP takes up to two weeks to process resubmitted fingerprints due to poor print quality.

  • Fingerprint rejections and length of time an applicant takes to get reprinted lengthens the time to complete a fingerprint check.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) goal is to process an initial set of fingerprints within 24 hours after receiving from WSP.

  • FBI takes up to one week to process national name and date of birth requests.

  • WSP and FBI do not return results to BCCU in the order submitted.

  • Department of Early Learning (DEL), Providers and Applicants, need to contact the DEL Background Check Unit for any questions related to the background check application.  They can be reached by emailing backgroundcheck@del.wa.gov or calling (866) 482.4325, Option 4.

Status of Background Check

  • Requesting Entities can log in to the Background Check System (BCS) to see status of background check at any time.

  • Additional Questions, please email bccuinquiry@dshs.wa.gov OR call (360) 902-0299.

    • BCCU will respond to your email within two working days. 

To receive the information regarding BCS and background check process updates, please join the BCCU ListServ.

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