Insurance Requirements for DSHS Contracts

In order to further protect DSHS clients, DSHS initiated Administrative Policy 13.13, effective August 1, 2004, which in general requires contractors to obtain liability insurance before contracting with DSHS, and in some cases may require contractors to provide proof of such coverage before a contract is signed.

Basic insurance requirements for all DSHS contracts are as follows:

  • General liability insurance coverage limits are $1 million per occurrence, and $2 million aggregate. In addition, DSHS must be named in all general liability policies as an additional insured.
  • Business auto policies must contain a waiver of subrogation, or DSHS must be named as an additional insured.
  • Contractors whose services directly or indirectly require a professional license, registration, or certification, must provide professional liability coverage at $1 million per occurrence, and $2 million aggregate.
  • Contractors whose services include transporting clients, must provide DSHS proof of a business auto policy with a $1 million combined single limit.

In addition, specific contracts may require different types and/or levels of insurance.