Review Service Fees

Information for Investigators: Fees for WSIRB and IRB Administrative Review Services

Fees are charged for WSIRB and IRB Human Research Review Section (HRRS) administrative review of research and non-research projects, effective December 1, 2015. These service fees will cover the costs associated with WSIRB review and related HRRS administrative review requirements to offset costs to state agencies that support the WSIRB.  Fees offset the public funds used to support the WSIRB. 

The Department of Social and Health Services is “authorized to charge fees for services provided unless otherwise prohibited by law” (RCW 43.20b.020). Because the WSIRB is a board within the agency, and its members are appointed by the Secretary and maintained and supported by HRRS staff at DSHS, the WSIRB and HRRS are part of DSHS and have statutory authority to charge fees.

Fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the human subjects review. Fees are due in full from the investigator or his/her home institution, even if the WSIRB does not approve or the HRRS does not provide clearance for the project, subjects are never enrolled, or the project is canceled or terminated before project objectives have been achieved. Because considerable time, effort and resources are committed to all reviews, fees are due in full in advance of review and before a study is placed on the agenda for full Board review, scheduled for expedited review or a regulatory determination or other administrative action or decision is made.  Review will not be conducted unless review service fees are paid in full in advance.

Payment of review fees will not result in preferential review or faster response time, nor will it influence WSIRB decisions in any way.

 Review Service Requested


 Consultation prior to submission to the WSIRB No charge 
 New Application, full committee  $3,000 
 New Application, Expedited (minimal risk) 2,000 
 Continuation Review, Full Committee 1,000 
 Continuation Review, Expedited 800 
 Study Amendment Request, Full Committee 500 
 Study Amendment Request, Expedited 250 
 Unanticipated Problem Involving Risks to Subjects or Others No charge 
 Protocol Deviation No charge 
 Non-Compliance No charge 
 Study Closure, Full Committee 800 
 Study Closure, Expedited 500 
 Confidentiality Agreement 1,000 
 Exempt Determination Request 750 


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