Western State Hospital staff working to mitigate risk found by CMS surveyors

Release Date: 
May 23 2018
DSHS Office of Communications
Kelly Stowe


OLYMPIA- On Tuesday evening, May 22, surveyors on behalf of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) discovered a concern with fire detectors that they felt could pose a hanging risk to patients.

CMS issued a citation, also known as an immediate jeopardy (IJ), to the hospital because of the potential for harm or serious risk to patients. The hospital has implemented a plan to mitigate this risk, which it will submit to surveyors today.

If CMS accepts the plan, the citation will be rescinded. If the plan is not accepted, as with any IJ, it could result in termination of Medicare funds within 23 days of its issuance.

Twenty-two surveyors arrived at the hospital on Monday, May 14 to inspect wards, treatment plans and interview staff to ensure that 26 Conditions of Participation are being met – a requirement for the hospital to retain its federal certification. The outcome of this survey determines if the hospital will continue receiving $65 million in federal funding annually to help treat patients with mental illness at the 857-bed facility.

More information about the Systems Improvement Agreement is on the DSHS website.





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