The Office of Continuous Improvement provides the programs, guidance and oversight to build DSHS’ organizational capacity in the areas of Lean, project management and organizational excellence (leader development, transforming culture).

What is Excellence?

Strong and effective leaders in DSHS—leaders who practice authentic leadership, seek employee engagement, and foster continuous improvement practice in the daily work—are critical to good service delivery and to our ability to identify and implement any changes. The Office of Continuous Improvement supports building the organization capacity through a workshop series called Excellence.  

Excellence workshops

Excellence workshops will be hosted around the state for DSHS leaders, from office chiefs and area administrators to the executive leadership team. These workshops, beginning in August 2014 and going until December 2015, will focus on a variety of topics to help guide our leaders on a personal improvement journey in the areas of being your authentic best self, how to give and receive meaningful feedback, understand how our personal vision of the future relates to the Agency and Administration’s mission, vision and values, and how we as employees fit within the strategic plan. The workshops are designed to encourage reflection and corresponding action to improve; to improve ourselves, our teams, and to create, articulate and commit to specific goals.

Excellence is a workshop designed to transform lives by giving our leaders the tools and skills they need to support, empower, and motivate staff so that DSHS is an employer of choice and employees are encouraged as individuals to be creative, innovative, and inspired to give the best quality of service to our customers. The workshop seeks to build a culture where people want to work and feel supported to be the best they can be.

Lean and Continuous Improvement

What can Lean do for my program?

Lean helps organizations to streamline how the work gets done and eliminate waste. Through the use of Lean tools, your program can:

  • Eliminate or dramatically reduce backlogs.
  • Reduce lead times.
  • Decrease the complexity of processes.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of work.
  • Free up more staff time for "mission critical" work.
  • Improve staff morale and process transparency.

Contact the Office of Continuous Improvement

Shawn Prescher, Director, 360. 902.0787