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What We Do

At DSHS, we believe all staff can be problem-solvers and that any group has opportunities to improve its products, service delivery and work processes. The work of the DSHS Office of Planning and Continuous Improvement provides the solid framework behind our mission to transform lives. Its goal is to assist DSHS administrations and programs in finding ways to provide high-quality services in the simplest and fastest way possible. We support administrations in strategic planning, organizational performance management and continuous improvement. This work improves customer satisfaction and ensures that we are good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

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Strategic Planning

The DSHS Strategic Plans are roadmaps that address DSHS’s values, how well our organization is meeting its performance expectations and where we are going. They guide our day-to-day decisions and focus our resources in the same direction.  For more information, see the DSHS Strategic Plans site.

How DSHS Fits into Statewide Efforts to Improve Performance

DSHS’s Performance Metrics reflect Governor Jay Inslee’s commitment to set clear goals, track results, and provide efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.  

The Governor’s Office created Results Washington. State agencies report on the status of specific measures, discuss those measures and have a forum through which to ask for assistance. Results Washington has five goal areas: World-Class Education, Prosperous Economy, Sustainable Energy and a Clean Environment, Healthy and Safe Communities and Effective, Efficient, and Accountable Government. DSHS is involved in Goals 4 and 5 and is part of a group known as a Goal Council for Goal 4. Goal Councils occur once per month and DSHS presents to Goal 4 around six times per year. 

DSHS uses many measures to monitor its performance. Among the thousands of items that we measure, 150 are measured in our Strategic Plans and 48 are measured in Results Washington, 18 of which are under Goal 4.

To learn more you may view the Governors Results Washington video message.

Continuous Improvement

Continual process improvement is an umbrella term for programs such as Lean, six sigma, Kaizen, TQM, and Baldrige. Continual process improvement taps into a wide base of tools to make sure it finds the right fix to any given problem.

Information about DSHS’ process improvement activities is publicly reported twice a year in the Results Washington Progress Report on Lean Management Strategies.

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