Aging & Long-Term Support

Expedited Rule Making (CR-105)
Rule Title/Subject Contact Person Washington State Register Citations

WAC 388-71-0992

WAC 388-71-0992, When must continuing education be completed when public health emergency waivers are lifted, and what continuing education credit is granted to long-term care workers employed during the pandemic?

Angel Sulivan (360) 464-0550 WSR 22-16-026
Objection Deadline:
October 4, 2022

WAC 388-71-0503

The department is proposing to rephrase the order of definitions to put them in alphabetical order.  The change does not alter the intent or context of the rule and will not affect any existing rules.

Stacy Graff
(360) 742-2071
WSR 22-01-187
Objection Deadline:
February 22, 2022

WAC 388-112A-1245

WAC 388-112A-1245, What are the requirements and minimum qualifications for high school instructors and programs that offer core basic, population specific, nurse delegation, and specialty trainings?

David Chappell
(360) 725-2516
WSR 21-21-071
Objection Deadline:
December 21, 2021

WAC 388-113-0020

The department is implementing changes to WAC 388-113-0020 related to the passage of Substitute House Bill 1411 passed in the 2021 Legislative Session. The effective date of the bill was July 25, 2021. The rule is currently in effect by emergency adoption under WSR 21-16-068.

Stacy Graff
(360) 742-2071
WSR 21-17-077
Objection Deadline:
October 19, 2021

WAC 388-106-0665

WAC 388-106-0665 “How are volunteers qualified to provide volunteer services?”  

Rosemary Biggins
WSR 21-05-058
Objection Deadline:
April 19, 2021

WACs 388-112A-0105 and 0550

WAC 388-112A-0105, Who is required to obtain home care aide certification and by when?, and 388-112A-0550, Who is required to complete nurse delegation core training and nurse delegation specialized diabetes training and by when?

David Chappell
(360) 725-2516
WSR 21-05-047
Objection Deadline:
April 19, 2021

WAC 388-114-0080

The department is proposing to amend WAC 388-114-0080 to correct a typographical error in the reference to WAC 388-114-0030.  

Jennifer Karlson
(360) 810-1654
WSR 20-08-064
Objection Deadline:
June 1, 2020

WAC 388-78A-3181, 3183

The department is proposing to amend WAC 388-78A-3181 and WAC 388-78A-3183. The department is amending these rules to assure compliance with requirements from RCW 18.20.190 which governs the department’s response to noncompliance or violations in assisted living facilities. 

Shana Privett
(360) 725-2382
WSR 20-03-183
Objection Deadline:
March 23, 2020

WAC 388-97-0140

The department is proposing to amend WAC 388-97-0140 “Transfer and discharge appeals for resident in Medicare or Medicaid certified facilities” in order to remove references to chapter 388-526 WAC.

Lisa Herke
(509) 209-3088
WSR 19-22-068
Objection Deadline:
January 6, 2020

WAC 388-105-0005

The department intends to repeal WAC 388-105-0005. Providers will still be able to find out their rates from the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration’s website, their residents’ case managers, from their union if they have one, or by contacting the department.

Elizabeth Pashley
(360) 725-2447
WSR 19-15-085
Objection Deadline:
September 23, 2019

WAC 388-78A-2460

The department is amending WAC 388-78A-2460 "Quality assurance committee." The change is necessary to correct a typographical error by removing the word “not” in subsection (4) to be consistent with RCW 18.20.390.

Jeanette Childress
WSR 19-06-052
Objection Deadline:
May 6, 2019