August 9, 2022

Scheduled Hearing Dates: 
August 09, 2022 10:00am

Rule-Making Hearing Docket

Please note: The public hearing on August 9, 2022, will be held online for those interested in attending. Meeting details are as follows:  

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Select the WAC number to view or print a copy of the CR-102 form and the rule text. Send all comments on the rule to the Rules Coordinator. If you have questions about the rule send a message to the contact person.

Rule Title/Subject Contact Person Washington State Register Citations

WACs 388-400-0060, 388-418-0011, 388-447-0130

The department is proposing amendments to WAC 388-400-0060, Who is eligible for aged, blind or disabled (ABD) cash assistance?, WAC 388-418-0011, What is a mid-certification review, and do I have to complete one in order to keep receiving benefits?, WAC 388-447-0130, What referral to the housing and essential needs (HEN) program rules may the department implement during a state of emergency?, and WAC 388-449-0230, What aged, blind, or disabled (ABD) program rules may the department implement during a state of emergency?

Erin Summers (253) 307-2118 Preproposal notice filed as WSR 22-11-083; 
Proposed rules WSR 22-14-106
Hearing Date: August 9, 2022

WACs 388-106-1400, -1405, -1422, -1455, -1458, & -1475

The department i is proposing to amend WAC 388-106- 1400, “What services may I receive under New Freedom consumer directed services (NFCDS)?”; 388-106-1405, “What services are not covered under New Freedom consumer directed services (NFCDS)?”; 388-106-1422, “What happens to my New Freedom service dollar budget if I am temporarily hospitalized, placed in a nursing facility, or intermediate facilities for the mentally retarded?”; 388-106-1455, “What happens to individual budget funds when I don’t use them?”; 388-106-1458, “How do I create and use my spending plan?”; and 388-106-1475, “How do I end enrollment in New Freedom consumer directed services (NFCDS)?”

Mark Towers (360) 688-3137 Preproposal notices filed as WSR 22-03-090; 
Proposed rules filed as WSR 22-14-059
Hearing Date: August 9, 2022

WAC 388-71-0515, WAC chapters 388-71, 388-113

The department is filing this supplemental CR-102 to include the repeal of WAC 388-71-0515, What are the responsibilities of an individual provider when providing services to a client? This section was inadvertently missed when filing the CR 102 proposal under WSR 22- 12-079. The department is proposing to repeal and amend sections of WAC chapter 388-71 and 388-113, because of the implementation of the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE) with the passage of Senate Bill 6199 in 2018, and the change Page 2 of 3 from Individuals Providers contracted with the department to Individual Providers employed by the CDE. The current rules will no longer be applicable once all individual providers have been hired by the CDE.

Stacy Graff

(360) 742-2071

Preproposal notices filed as WSR 22-06-011; Supplemental notice to 22-12-079
Proposed rules filed as WSR 22-14-039
Hearing Date: August 9, 2022

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