December 21, 2021

Scheduled Hearing Dates: 
December 21, 2021 10:00am

Rule-Making Hearing Docket

Please note: The December 21, 2021  public hearing will be held via Skype for those interested in attending.

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Select the WAC number to view or print a copy of the CR-102 form and the rule text. Send all comments on the rule to the Rules Coordinator. If you have questions about the rule send a message to the contact person.

Rule Title/Subject Contact Person Washington State Register Citations

WAC 388-101-3000, 3020

The department is proposing to amend WAC 388-101-3020, Compliance and WAC 388-101-3000, Definitions to incorporate 2SHB 1651, 2020 Regular Legislative Session into rules.

Debbie Hoeman
(360) 725-3210
Preproposal notice filed as WSR 20-23-054
Proposed rules filed as WSR 21-23-109
Hearing Date: December 21, 2021

WACs 388-829C-131 and 135

DDA is amending this rule to remove the daily rate multiplier from rule, to remove the DSHS 10-234 requirement, and to establish requirements for clients who require a positive behavior support plan and receive services from a companion home provider.

Chantelle Diaz
(360) 407-1589
Preproposal filed as WSR 21-10-093
Proposed rules filed as WSR 21-23-010
Hearing Date: December 21, 2021

Chapter 388-14A WAC

Implements incarceration abatement and modification request/hearing notification service as enacted in SHB 2302 (Chapter 227, Laws of 2020). Establishes the process by which qualifying incarcerated individuals have their child support obligations abated. Also clarifies under WAC 388-14A-3925 that the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), not the Division of Child Support, serves copies of requests for modification and notice of hearings.

Brady Horenstein
(360) 664-5291
Preproposal notice filed as WSR 21-05-061
Proposed rules 21-22-071
Hearing Date: December 21, 2021

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  • Inquire about interpreter services or accommodations for disabilities at hearings; or
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