May 8, 2018

Scheduled Hearing Dates: 
May 08, 2018 10:00am

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Rule Title/Subject Contact Person Washington State Register Citations

WAC 388-71-0548

The purpose for adding this new overpayment section for individual providers to chapter 388-71 WAC is to define the circumstances in which an Individual Provider is subject to an overpayment, clarify the department’s authority to collect an overpayment, clarify an Individual Provider’s right to an administrative hearing when they receive an overpayment notice, and provide information about how an Individual Provider requests an administrative hearing related to an overpayment. 

Stacy Graff
(360) 725-2533
Preproposal notice filed as WSR 17-17-074
Proposed rules filed as WSR 18-08-072
Hearing Date: May 8, 2018

WAC 388-14A-5007

Current rules in chapter 388-14A WAC set out the procedures for distribution of child support collections, and in particular WAC 388-14A-5007 sets out the requirements for distribution when the noncustodial parent (NCP) has more than one case.  Several Indian tribes in Washington have requested that DCS adopt rules allowing the tribe to specify that certain payments be applied in a manner consistent with tribal law or custom, or an order from the tribal court. The proposed rule provides that, when an NCP has more than one case, a tribe may request that DCS apply a payment submitted by the tribe to one or more, but not all, or NCP’s cases when the tribe sends money to DCS representing a tribal benefit received by an NCP who is a member of that tribe.   

Nancy Koptur
(360) 664-5065
Preproposal notice filed as WSR 17-23-102
Proposed rules filed as WSR 18-08-050
Hearing Date: May 8, 2018

WACs 388-106-0950, 0955, 0960, and 0965

The department proposes to do the following: 1) Increase the maximum service limit to match the limit available under Community First Choice (CFC) Community Transition Services (CTS); and 2) Expand the definition of the service to ensure continuity of services after the conclusion of the Washington Roads program when funding for the state-only funded program ends. Washington Roads provides stabilizing goods and services to individuals already residing in the community who are at risk of losing their current setting of care. Without these changes, some individuals currently served under the Washington Roads program would not be able to access necessary stabilizing goods and services, putting the client at risk of institutionalization in a nursing home or hospital. 

Debbie Blackner
(360) 725-2557
Preproposal notice filed as WSR 18-02-075
Proposed rules filed as WSR 18-08-049
Hearing Date: May 8, 2018

Chapters 388-145, 147, and 148 WAC

The purpose of these WAC amendments is to provide foster parents, child placing agencies, and group care facilities further instructions and additional clarity regarding the minimum licensing standards. The Division of Licensed Resources (DLR) WACs were overhauled in 2015, and since that time both internal and external stakeholders have provided feedback to improve and increase the understandability of the WACs.

Kristina Wright
(360) 902-8349
Preproposal filed as WSR 18-03-055
Proposed rules filed as WSR 18-07-096
Hearing Date: May 8, 2018

Chapter 388-891, 891A WAC

The department is proposing to repeal chapter 388-891 WAC “Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Individuals with Disabilities” and create sections in a new chapter 388-891A WAC “Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Individuals With Disabilities.” The proposed new chapter of Washington Administrative Code regulates the scope and provision of vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). A crosswalk table of existing and new WAC sections is available upon request.

Michele Mulhern
(360) 725-3621
Preproposal notice filed as WSR 17-21-098
Proposed rules filed as WSR 18-06-050
Hearing Date: May 8, 2018

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