October 27, 2015

Scheduled Hearing Dates: 
October 27, 2015 10:00am

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Rule Title/Subject Contact Person Washington State Register Citations

Chapter 388-71 WAC

The department is adding new sections to chapter 388-71 WAC to transfer and amend the rules for Residential Client Protection Program found in chapter 388-76 WAC (Adult Family Home), chapter 388-78A WAC (Assisted Living), chapter 388-97 WAC (Nursing Home), chapter 388-101 WAC (Supportive Living Programs), and chapter 388-111 WAC (Residential Habilitation Centers), to the Adult Protective Services Program. The department is editing the original amendments to chapter 388-71 WAC to incorporate comments received after the hearing on June 9, 2015.

Carol Sloan
(360) 725-2345
Preproposal notice filed as WSR 15-01-181
Proposed rules filed as WSR 15-18-050
Hearing date: Oct 27, 2015

WAC 388-148-1320, 145-1335

The Department is proposing new WAC language to WAC 388-148-1320 (4) and WAC 388-145-1332 (4) to provide further instructions on how to proceed with foster care applicants and their household members over the age of eighteen years or agency staff that have a positive TB test due to latent TB. his update will also include changes to WAC 388-148-1320 (6) and WAC 388-145-1335 (5) to allow for a medical exemption to the requirement for proof of the influenza vaccination if the vaccination would result in a severe medical consequence to the person and there is no other form of influenza vaccine that would not cause severe medical consequences. This will allow these applicants and agencies that otherwise meet all other licensing regulations to be licensed for birth to two years of age with a medical doctor’s (MD) statement.


Kristina Wright
(360) 902-8349

Preproposal filed as WSR 15-15-083
Proposal filed as WSR 15-1-082

Hearing: October 27, 2015

WAC 388-444-0005, 0010, 0035

The department is proposing to amend WAC 388-444-0005, WAC 388-444-0010, and WAC 388-444-0035 to align WAC with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Proposed changes define Able-bodied Adults without Dependents (ABAWD) as a subset of work registrants, allow the Department to review work registration at recertification, and add policy regarding work registration and ABAWD exemptions related to inability to work.

Jason Turner
(360) 725-4640

Preproposal notice filed as WSR 15-15-052
Proposed rules filed as WSR 15-19-100

Hearing date: October 27, 2015

Chapter 388-450, 478 WAC

The proposed amendments increase the following: Basic Food Standard deduction for 4 person households to $168, 5 persons households to $197, and 6 or more person households to $226; the Maximum Shelter Deduction to $504; the Standard Utility Allowance to $420; the Limited Utility Allowance to $340; the maximum gross monthly income and maximum net monthly income limit for household that are not categorically eligible for basic food; and the 165% federal poverty level standard.

Holly St. John
(360) 725-4895

Preproposal notice filed as WSR 15-06-054
Proposed rules filed as WSR 15-19-095

Hearing date: October 27, 2015

Chapter 388-436, 478 WAC

The Department is proposing to amend WAC 388-478-0020, WAC 388-478-0035, and WAC 388-436-0050 to implement a 9% increase in the payment standards for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), State Family Assistance (SFA), and Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), the financial need and benefit amount limits for the Consolidated Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP), and the 9% increase in the maximum earned income limits for the TANF, SFA, RCA, and the Pregnancy Women Assistance (PWA) programs. These rules were amended via emergency adoption on July 1, 2015 as WSR 15-15-005.

Leslie Kozak
(360) 725-4589

Preproposal notice filed as WSR 15-15-158
Proposed rules filed as WSR 15-19-030

Hearing date: October 27, 2015

WAC 388-400-0050

RCW 74.08A.120 authorizes the Food Assistance Program for Legal Immigrants (FAP). Section (3) states "The benefit under the state food assistance program shall be established by the legislature in the biennial operating budget." The 2015-2017 Biennial Budget (ESSB 6052), which passed the Legislature and was signed by the Governor, increased funding for FAP from 75% of the federal benefit level and set benefits at 100% of the federal food benefit level beginning July 1, 2015. The amendments were made via emergency rulemaking under WSR 15-14-115, filed on June 30, 2015.

Bob Thibodeau

Preproposal notice filed as WSR 15-15-061
Proposed rules filed as WSR 15-19-026

Hearing date: October 27, 2015

Chapter 388-834 WAC

The Department proposes to create these new rules as chapter 388-834 WAC in order to define the State’s preadmission screening and resident review (PASRR) program in relation to 42 CFR 42 483.100 through 138.

Terry Hehemann
(360) 725-3456

Preproposal notice filed as WSR 15-13-113
Proposed rules filed as WSR 15-19-034

Hearing date: October 27, 2015



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