Social Service Payment System

The Department of Social and Health Services uses SSPS to pay for a variety of services that facilitate employment, increase independence, support families, and protect children.

SSPS provides authorization and payment processing for services delivered to DSHS clients. This mission-critical system is used by more than 2,000 case workers from Economic Services Administration and Children's Administration to pay over 23,000 social service providers more than $600 million annually in services to more than 100,000 clients.


********SSPS PROVIDER PORTAL********

In December 2017 SSPS launched the final phase of its new web-based portal for all providers paid through SSPS. 

This portal provides access to:

  • Online invoice claiming
  • All claimed and unclaimed Invoices for the past twelve months
  • A history and details of all payments made to you from January 2008 forward
  • Remittance Advices (RAs) from April 2013 forward (which can be downloaded or printed)
  • Authorizations and Social Service Notices for the past 12 months
  • Details of your SSPS Provider File
  • Information and forms to sign up for Direct Deposit
  • Tax documents from the past 6 years
  • The option to Go Paperless
  • Contact Us and Message Center to help you communicate with us and us with you!

We sent invitation letters to over 20,000 providers.  You will need information from this letter in order to register.  If you did not receive a letter, lost your letter, or your letter is more than 3 months old, you can contact SSPS Customer Service at  to get a new letter.  If you have your letter in hand, you can click on this link to get started:

How to access the SSPS Provider Portal.




Tax documents (W-2 and 1099 statements) will be mailed from the Office of Accounting Services by January 31st, 2017. To avoid mailing delays, please be sure to have your case worker or local DSHS office update your address if you have moved recently.

W-2 and 1099 statements are not available online or electronically at this time. For more information about taxes and contact information for the Tax Desk, please select the menu option on the left for Tax Info.


Features of interest to SSPS providers

  • Direct Deposit saves you trips to the bank by depositing your payment directly into your checking or savings account.
  • SSPS Calendar lists the upcoming invoice dates, and adoption support payment processing dates.
  • Tax Info is tax reporting information to consider when providing services.
  • Questions gives answers to commonly asked questions about SSPS.