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                        Estimate My Monthly Benefits !  
                                         Use this tool to see what benefits your household
                                     may be eligible to receive under Basic Food.
     How many people live with you, and normally buy and cook food with you? (include yourself)
  Y or N
     Is someone in your household age 60 or older or have a disability?
    Please tell us about the income people in your household get each month: 
    How much money does everyone earn from working at a job?
      (Use the amount before taxes or other deductions are taken out.  Include tips and commissions)
    How much money does everyone earn from self employment? 
      Examples:   Self-employed childcare provider, a landscaping business, other small business
    How much money does everyone get from sources other than work?
      Examples:   Child support, Unemployment benefits, Public Assistance, Social Security / SSI, Pension or Retirement
    Please tell us about your household's monthly expenses: 
    How much does everyone pay for childcare or the care another dependent?
    Monthly out-of-pocket medical expenses for a household member with a disability or age 60+:
    How much does everyone pay for child support for someone not in the household?
    How much does everyone pay for mortgage or house payment?
    How much does everyone pay monthly for tax or insurance separate from mortgage?
    How much does everyone pay for rent or space rent?
    Please tell us which utility costs your household must pay separate from rent / mortgage: Y or N
    Heating or cooling: 
    Electric not used for heating:
    Water service / Well:
    Sewer / Septic system:
    Garbage service:
  Estimated monthly benefits for Basic Food:
   This tool estimates of the monthly benefits you appear eligible to receive.  Your actual monthly
   benefits are based on current standards and your households total circumstances.