7.4 Other Education

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The Other Education & Degree completion section includes:

  • 7.4.1 What is Vocational Education Unapproved?
  • 7.4.2 Vocational Education Unapproved- Step-by-Step Guide

There are other education and training activities available to WorkFirst parents. Each parent is unique and has strengths and abilities. As we work with parents to develop a plan to reach sustainable self-sufficiency, it is important that we match the best education activity with that individual parent's needs. The education and training activities in this section, however, may not count toward our federal participation rate.

7.4.1 What is Vocational Education Unapproved (VU)?

Parents may pursue educational activities on their own, such as academic transfer programs, and still meet the Washington State WorkFirst program participation requirements as long as they combine it with employment of a minimum of 20 hours per week, 16-19 hours per week work study, or an approved internship/practicum (see Internship/Practicum for details).

When parents let you know that they have signed themselves up for educational or training classes on their own:

  • Determine if they are meeting the work requirement; and,
  • Consult with the college WorkFirst Coordinator or educational institution to find out whether the educational courses can be counted towards participation.

The college's WorkFirst Coordinator can help determine which eJAS component code to enter into eJAS. If the education is countable, the parent will qualify for child care assistance and support services. If the education isn't countable, you will be instructed to use the VU code. If the parent refuses to provide the information you need to determine whether the education is countable, code the education or training as VU.

The VU code in eJAS will let you know that the education portion of the parent's IRP doesn't count toward federal participation and doesn't qualify for  support services.

7.4.2 Vocational Education Unapproved- Step-by-step guide


  1. Determines if the parent is meeting the minimum work requirement of 20 hours per week employment, 16-19 hours per week work study or is in an approved internship/practicum.
  2. Consults with the college WorkFirst Coordinator or Director or the educational institution to determine whether the educational activity is countable (and, if so, under which eJAS component code).
  3. Updates the parent's IRP to reflect the appropriate eJAS component code
  4. Documents the action in eJAS.
  5. Monitors the parent's progress closely
  6. Updates the IRP as required


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