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The Background Check System project team’s most recent schedule review has determined BCS will be ready to Go-live in June 2018. 

The team is working on the following items to ensure the system and all customers are prepared for Go-live in June 2018:

  • Final development activities around Secure Access Washington (SAW) authentication for external system users (non-DSHS employees) are under way.

    • These processes will allow DSHS authorized contractors and licensed facilities to access the system to request and receive background check results.

  • BCS administrative functions including user registration and account creation procedures.

    • These procedures will define how users are granted access to BCS so they are able to submit background check requests as soon the BCS goes live.

  • System quality stabilization to produce a fully tested and reliable system for all users.

    • This will ensure the system is ready to handle the anticipated thousands of users across the state and meet the business needs of our customers.

  • Data migration and system cut-over planning to ensure a smooth transition from the current system to BCS.

    • The migration of historic data means that applicant information in the system today will still be available for any new background checks in the future allowing us to maintain the integrity of each background check BCCU processes.

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) preparation and planning for BCS User Training.

    • End to end process testing and system training ensures that the system is ready to support all users and that system users will be ready to submit background checks the first day the system goes live.

  • Stakeholder and Customer engagement through regular meetings with the DSHS Administrations and Divisions, participation in leadership gatherings, and presentations to partner organizations and associations across the state


    • If you have a standing meeting and would like to have the project team present information about BCS, please send an email to

In preparation for BCS:

  • Please remember that ALL BCCU account numbers are required to have a Primary Account Administrator (PAA) identified and pre-registered as a user in BCS.Click here to pre-register your account(s) and PAA as soon as possible.

  • If you need to change the contact information for your pre-registered PAA, please visit the above link and re-register using the updated contact information.The information will be cleaned up before we Go-live in June 2018.


As we near the go-live date for BCS, please visit this webpage frequently to look for updated and important information.  Please direct any questions, comments or concerns about this information or BCS, to the project email at:

About the Project

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services - DSHS, Background Check Central Unit - BCCU, processes over 330,000 background checks annually for DSHS programs, social service providers, licensees, the Department of Early Learning, the Department of Health, and the Health Care Authority’s Medicaid Purchasing Administration.  On average, BCCU Staff conduct each check in 2 days or less (more if fingerprints are involved or research and analysis is required) using a system that requires data entry, manual input of analysis, and the printing and mailing or faxing of results back to the requesting entity.  So, we’re getting a new system!  One that will automate much of the process and streamline all background check procedures!

For more information please visit our BCS Project History page.

Communication Information

For all questions, comments, concerns, and any other general project related inquiries, please email:

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