How can I protect my child's address from being released by DCS?

DCS will let you know if someone requests the address of your child. You have the right to request a hearing if you do not want the child's address released. You must take the following action to prevent DCS from releasing the address:

  • Get a court or tribal order preventing release of the address, or provide a copy of an existing order.
  • Request an administrative hearing to show why DCS should not release the address. DCS must follow the instructions of a final administrative order resulting from the hearing. DCS will not release the address until all appeal rights are exhausted.
  • If you receive a TANF grant, contact your public assistance caseworker and ask about claiming "Good Cause".
  • DCS will not release the residential address of a person enrolled in the Address Confidentiality Program through the
    Secretary of State's Office.

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