Office of Equity, Diversity, Access, and Inclusion

​​Our vision...

All our access, diversit​y goals, values, and practices are interconnected and interdependent, and we all share the responsibility for equity and inclusion. 

Our mission...   
We transform lives by advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion with DSHS employees, customers, communities, and partners. ​​

Our intentions... 

                             Equity - ​fairness with each other and those we serve.

                             Diversity - ​​​embracing differences in ourselves and others.

                             Inclusion - cooperation, collaboration and responsibility. 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

The Department of Social and Health Services is an agency committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our main goal is to create an environment of mutual respect, equity, and acceptance of persons we serve and with whom we serve. DSHS serves all Washington residents without regard to race, color, sex, religion, creed, age, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, disabled veterans, Vietnam era veterans, recently separated veterans, or individuals with the presence of any physical, sensory, or mental disability.*

*WAC 357-01-005 - Affected Groups: "Those groups that must be included in affirmative action plans and updates and who may be beneficiaries of affirmative action programs. Affected groups include: Blacks, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics/Latinos, American Indians/Alaska Natives, women, persons age 40 and over, persons with disabilities, Vietnam-era veterans, and disabled veterans. Employers must use the most current federal definitions and categories in their plans and updates."

DSHS Language Access Plan SFY22-24

Language Access Plan SFY22-24 (pdf)

Communication assistance such as interpreters, written information in other languages, and alternate formats (large print, Braille, audio, video, electronic) are available free of charge. Call 800-737-0617Contact phone image 1 (TRS: 711).

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Nondiscrimination Policy Brochure

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