Facilities, Finance and Analytics Administration

What We Do

The Facilities, Finance and Analytics Administration (FFA) provides leadership in financial, operational, and risk management services to support the mission and goals of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS or the Department). By promoting sound management of all Department resources, FFA enables the programs throughout DSHS to focus on their core, client-focused missions. Throughout our administration we apply Lean principles and process improvement techniques to deliver more effective and efficient services.


Effective, efficient, and accountable financial, operational and risk management services


We transform lives by promoting sound management of Department resources


Stewardship - thoughtful and trustworthy in our work and with the resources we manage

Teamwork and Collaboration - partnering with all to be successful

Respect accepting differences, encouraging growth and development, valuing all each person has to offer

Advocacy actively improving the lives of DSHS clients and staff through Stewardship, Teamwork, Collaboration, and Respect