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  • The annual 2015 QA report for DDA is now available.  Read the QA DDA 2015 report

  • If you were a child under age 18 who received Medicaid personal care services between July 1, 2005 and November 30, 2011, or an individual provider for such a child during that period, you may be eligible for payment under a settlement agreement in the case of M.T.E. v. DSHS. For more information, please visit

  • The 2016 Governor's Proposed Budget (DDA Highlights) is now available for review.

  • On December 2, 2015, we announced a delay in the implementation of Individual ProviderOne (IPOne). We knew that the system would not be ready to produce timely and accurate payments to nearly 40,000 individual providers (IPs) who perform Medicaid personal care and respite services for clients of DSHS. 

    Based on system readiness indicators and collaboration with our business and interface partners, we have set the new go-live date for March 1, 2016. That is the first date that individual providers will begin claiming for their services in IPOne. Providers will continue using SSPS to claim for services provided through February 29, 2016. 

    This work is not easy. We are the first state in the nation to integrate medical and social service Medicaid payments into a single system. It is an extremely complex effort. We are committed to implementing a system that produces timely and accurate payments for IPs. More detail about the implementation date change will come out for staff and providers in the coming weeks.  Any updates will also continue to be posted at

  • Informing Families Building Trust is helping DDA get the word out:  Individual & Family Waiver Services (IFS) and IFS waiver expansion is here! You can find information on changes to the IFS program by going to  These changes may have an impact on the volume of calls that regional offices will receive but the website has highlighted that funding for these changes are available through June 2017.

News You Can Use

  • A new report, NCI Performance Indicators: Evidence for New HCBS Requirements and HCBS Assurances, has been published. This is a crosswalk document between the HCBS waiver regulations and the NCI data indicators and offers guidance on how the NCI indicators can be used as a compliance measure with the new HCBS requirements and assurances. Click here to read the report.
  • DDA has published a status report on the Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process. Click here to read the report.

What We Do

The DDA Mission: Transforming lives by providing support and fostering partnerships that empower people to live the lives they want. Read more about DDA strategic objectives.

People with developmental disabilities and their families are valued citizens of the state of Washington. The Developmental Disabilities Administration strives to develop and implement public policies that will promote individual worth, self-respect, and dignity such that each individual is valued as a contributing member of the community.

The Residential Service Guidelines, issued in 1988, and the County Guidelines, issued in 1992, continue to support the Department's vision, mission, and core values. Both sets of guidelines were developed by a workgroup made up of consumers and their families, residential service providers, Counties and employment providers, advocates, and Administration staff.

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