How to File a Complaint with DDA

Who do I contact to file a complaint about my DDA Services?

  • For Field Services: Start with your case manager. Contact your Local Office  and ask for your case manager.
  • For RHCs: Start with your Habilitation Plan Administrator (HPA). View RHC Contact info.
  • For initial State Operated Community Residential, including SOLA, complaints you may e-mail:

Who do I contact if my complaint is not resolved, or I am not comfortable talking to my Field Services case manager or RHC HPA?

  • Please escalate your concern through regional management up to the Regional Administrator (RA) Level. View contact info for Field Office (your local office) and ask for your Regional Administrator.
  • For RHC clients please escalate your concern to the Superintendent of the RHC. View RHC contact info.

What if I have escalated my complaint but it is still not resolved? Who can I contact if I need more help?

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