How can Independent Living (IL) or Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) staff provide direct transition services to students?

If you are a DVR-qualified IL or CRP services provider, the best route to providing pre-employment transition services to students is by contacting supervisors and vocational rehabilitation counselors in your local area to discuss what individual services may be needed, and how you and your agency might be able to provide the service.

IL and CRP staff who are able to provide pre-employment transition services will be interviewed and selected by an individual student if:

  1. The student is found eligible for DVR services;

  2. An Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) is developed with the student in coordination with

  3. the student’s school transition planning, and specific pre-employment transition activities are identified in the IPE;

  4. The student and their family interview IL/CRP providers, and choose an organization to work with;

  5. The student and their family, DVR counselor, and IL/CRP provider meet to determine what services will be contracted with the provider.