How can minors admit themselves to inpatient mental health treatment?

  •  A minor thirteen years or older may admit himself or herself to an evaluation and treatment facility for inpatient mental health treatment without parental consent. RCW 71.34.500-530
  • The professional person in charge of the facility must agree that inpatient treatment is necessary because of a mental disorder and that it is not feasible to treat the minor in any less restrictive setting or the minor's home. RCW 71.34.500-530
  • Written renewal of voluntary consent must be obtained every twelve months and the need for continued inpatient treatment shall be reviewed and documented every one hundred and eighty days. RCW 71.34.500-530. NOTE: Given the short stays in acute inpatient care, this rule only applies to minors being served in CLIP  facilities. Even in a CLIP facility, this type of admission rarely, if ever occurs.