How can my child get pre-employment transition services?

Pre-employment transition services can be provided in a variety of ways:

  1. Group activities: The first step for students interested in pre-employment transition services is to participate in general pre-employment transition services group activities. These activities will be provided by DVR staff and other partners.

    Group services are still in development. Stay tuned for updates on group pre-employment transition services available in your area beginning in Summer and Fall 2016.

  2. Individual activities: If, after participating in group services, students and their families feel the student needs additional and individualized services, they would talk with the DVR counselor assigned to their school for more information about individualized services.

DVR can provide these individual services to DVR-eligible students in collaboration with the school and the student’s transition program. These are individualized based on student goals and what services are available from the student’s school.