How is Child Specific Respite (CSR) different than Retention Respite?

CSR is linked directly to the medical, behavioral or special needs of an individual child placed in your home. CSR offers all families providing care to a child placed by CA, relief from the caregiving responsibilities that children with medical, behavioral, and special needs require. This type of respite is authorized on a case by case basis, consistent with the written service plan for the child. You can request to use CSR for half-days or full days. Half days cover up to five hours; anything over five hours is authorized as a full day. The CSR service for your foster child must be periodically re-authorized by the caseworker, and should be discussed in a shared planning meeting. When the caseworker considers a request for CSR, he or she must consider all other possibilities for relief from caregiving responsibilities that could assist you, such as retention respite, school, other relatives of the child, visitation, etc. If you need CSR for more than one week, it must be authorized by the Area Administrator.