How do I know if CE curriculum has been approved by DSHS?

Once DSHS approves a CE, it is assigned a unique DSHS CE approval code.  This code is given to the curriculum developer/training program/conference sponsor that submitted the CE for approval.  It is the responsibility of the curriculum developer/training program/conference sponsor to ensure that the DSHS CE approval code is on the training certificate or transcript given to the worker that documents the CE is completed.

Without a DSHS CE approval code on the certificate or transcript, the CE cannot be used to meet the 12 hour CE requirement after 7/1/2012 except in the following case.

There are special cases where the hours taken from some required LTC worker courses can be applied towards CE.  When this is possible, the original course certificate serves as the required written documentation that the CE is approved by DSHS.  In these cases only, there will be no DSHS CE approval code required.   Learn more about when and how  LTC worker courses can be used as CE.