What is the Additional Information Needed Notification? Do I need to do anything?

In addition to No Record, Review Required, and Disqualify Result Notifications requesters may also receive an Additional Information Needed Notification. Inquiries that are left in the Additional Information Needed status for 6 months will expire and BCCU will not be able to update that inquiry. If you have an applicant with an expired Additional Information inquiry, you will need to submit a new background check request for that applicant.

Entities should not disqualify applicants based solely on the receipt of the Additional Information Needed Notification.

Applicants who have received an Additional Information Notification from their employer and have not received their packet can request a copy of the packet using the Applicant Request for a Copy of Background Check Information Form Applicants cannot schedule a fingerprint appointment until they have provided the needed additional information.

An Additional Information Needed Notification will be issued if there is an unknown crime or negative action reported by any of the sources BCCU researches. BCCU no longer sends an ABC (Disqualify Result Notification) for unknown crimes and negative actions. The Additional Information Needed Notification informs the facility requesting the background check the following:

  1. The applicant needs to contact BCCU to provide additional information.

  2. The background check will be pending until the applicant provides the additional information.

Your DSHS oversight program may have special requirements related to applicants who receive an additional information needed request.  Examples may include:

  • The time limit that the applicant must provide the additional information;

  • If the applicant will be allowed to have unsupervised access pending the final notification;

  • And how the entity requesting the background check will notify the applicant that additional information is needed.

If you have questions about what you are required to do, contact the DSHS oversight program listed on the background check result notification.

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