What happens after I report suspected welfare fraud?

  1. An Office of Fraud and Accountability Welfare Fraud Hotline Coordinator receives or takes your report. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not provide your name as it may be subject to public disclosure. Otherwise, please provide your name and phone number so one of our investigators may contact you if additional information is needed.

  2. The Coordinator sends the report out for investigation.

  3. The investigation begins. Each one is different, as is the time it takes to complete them. By law, we cannot provide a status report on welfare fraud investigations.

  4. When the investigation is complete, we send the results to the appropriate Community Services Office (Welfare Office). If an overpayment has occurred, the following can happen:

  • Proceedings can begin to collect the overpayment.

  • We need to say something her about disqualifications.

  • The case may be referred to a county prosecutor.