What happens when someone is admitted to Eastern State Hospital?

When a patient arrives at the hospital, a physician and nurse meet with the patient to discuss the reasons for the admission. A discharge plan is formulated at the time of admission. The patient and staff identify strengths and goals to achieve discharge. The patient is then introduced to the ward staff, other patients, and his/her ward environment.

At the time of admission, the patient’s clothing and personal items will be checked and inventoried. As a precaution against loss or theft, the patient is asked to allow all clothing to be marked with the patient’s name.

Patients are asked to have family members to keep all valuables. Valuable items that are brought to the hospital are maintained in the hospital’s safe. If a patient chooses to keep a personal item in his/her possession, the patient will assume liability for loss.

Patients are not allowed to keep sharp or potentially dangerous items such as knives, scissors, straight and safety razors, cigarette lighters or lighter fluid, or glass containers or bottles. These items will be stored in the Security Office or disposed of.

Since storage space is limited, patients are encouraged to not bring personal property to the hospital other than clothing.

The physician will assess whether a patient’s personal medications should be provided to him/her while hospitalized or if hospital medications will be substituted. Patient’s personal medications will be stored. Family members should not bring medications (either prescription or over-the-counter) to patients in the hospital.

Patients are allowed to keep a reasonable amount of spending money. Money is deposited in an account with the hospital. Withdrawals are made by notifying the designated staff member on the unit.