What if a parent is unable to bring a minor child to a mental health treatment facility due to severe behavior problems?

  • While the law states that a parent can authorize the bringing of his or her minor child to an evaluation and treatment facility, it does not establish specific procedures, responsibilities or funding for transporting minors to an evaluation and treatment facility for evaluation of medical necessity for admission. It does not require law enforcement to transport or apprehend minors in these circumstances.
  • When called upon to assess whether a minor needs involuntary treatment, a DMHP may take the minor or cause the minor to be taken into custody and transported to an Evaluation and Treatment facility providing inpatient treatment. RCW 71.34.600-660
  • If the minor is not taken into custody for evaluation and treatment, the parent can seek review of the decision made by the DMHP in court. RCW 71.34.600-660