What is a Less Restrictive Alternative (LRA)?

A less restrictive alternative (LRA) is outpatient treatment provided to an individual who meets criteria for commitment but is not residing in a facility providing inpatient treatment. If the court finds that the individual meets the criteria for commitment, the court can either authorize commitment of the individual for inpatient treatment or for a less restrictive alternative treatment. Release under a less restrictive alternative is subject to conditions set by the court.

If the professional in charge of the outpatient treatment program or a DMHP determines that an individual is failing to adhere to the conditions of the court for a less restrictive alternative treatment or conditions for the release or if there is deterioration in functioning, the individual can be taken into custody and transported to an inpatient evaluation and treatment facility. The DMHP must then file a petition with the court for revocation of less restrictive alternative treatment. RCW 71.34.740 (5), RCW 71.34.740 (10).