What types of services are available?

Community mental health agencies provide mental health services through contracts with the Regional Support Networks. Services could be provided at the mental health agency, in your home, or elsewhere in the community.  Treatment services should be individualized and tailored to meet the needs of your child and family.

Treatment may include:

  • Brief intervention or individual treatment: A solution focused, outcomes oriented, time limited intervention designed to achieve goals identified in the treatment plan.
  • Medication management: The prescribing and/or administering and reviewing of medications and their side effects.
  • Medication monitoring: Cueing, observing, and encouraging consumers to take their medication as prescribed and reporting back to persons licensed to perform medication management services.
  • Psychoeducation: A set of activities that teach and explore the provision of emotional support, education, reducing stressors, resources, and problem solving skills to consumers and their family members.
  • Group treatment: Face-to-face activities provided by one or more staff to two or more individuals under the supervision of a mental health professional.
  • Family support: Support groups and advocacy to families to which there is a seriously disturbed child or adolescent.
  • Other services and supports as defined in the treatment plan.