Applicant Resources:

Understanding, Updating and Correcting Background Check Information

The Background Check Central Unit (BCCU) operates within the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). BCCU provides extensive background check information. BCCU works for state programs that serve, care, and protect Washington’s vulnerable populations, including children, elderly, and disabled individuals. BCCU’s primary responsibility is to help protect vulnerable populations through background checks, which utilize many sources that other background checks often do not have access to.  The BCCU also provides background check services in situations where DSHS employees have access to Personally Identifiable Information or other sensitive data.

The BCCU mission is to transform the lives of Washington State’s vulnerable populations, and those who serve them. This means we must make sure our clients receive the utmost highest quality of care, while also assisting all applicants with obtaining, understanding, and - if needed- correcting their background checks. BCCU cannot control the reporting of criminal history information, nor can we directly change or update the reported information, but we are here to assistant applicants with the possible steps to take.

The following questions and answers are to help you understand the background check notification letter, and to assist you with making corrections/updates: