I think there is an error, how do I correct my Background Check Records?

BCCU does NOT have the ability to correct any errors that have been reported from outside sources.  For example, if there is an incorrect charge on your Washington State Patrol Rap Sheet, you will need to contact the WSP directly. If there is an incorrect charge on your FBI Rap Sheet, you will need to contact the FBI as well the agency (court, police department) who reported the arrest to the FBI.

The applicant will need a copy of the results. If the applicant does not have a copy of the results, they can request one from the entity requesting the background check or fill out a Request for Background Check Information Form  and submit it to BCCU at bccuinquiry@dshs.wa.gov.

The contact information for the reporting agency can be found on page two of the results and we have also listed the contact information below. The applicant will need to work with the reporting agency in order to provide BCCU with more information regarding the unclear/unknown crime. Once the information is received, BCCU can determine what type of results letter to issue.

BCCU Reporting Sources Directory:

Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, Adult Protective Services

(360) 725-2615

Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, Resident and Client Protection Program
(360) 725-2405 or (360) 725-2537

Applicant Self-Disclosure- Current and previous background check self-disclosures- What the applicant has provided to us on a Background Check Authorization form (current form and all previous forms) and Applicant Affidavits. Self-Disclosures can be corrected/updated using a BCCU Applicant Affidavit Form.

Children’s Administration - Child Protective Services

(800) 568-5624

Department of Corrections - DOC & Felony Offenders Reporting System - FORS – Washington State and out of state convictions.

(360) 725-8888

Department of Health - DOH - In state and out-of-state negative actions, service provider and professional license status.

(360) 236-4700

Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI - National and International arrests, pending convictions, convictions, warrants, national sex offender registry.

Special Correspondence Unit - SCU
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Attention: SCU, Module D-2
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV  26306-0171

(304) 625-5590

Washington Courts - Convictions, pending charges, charges awaiting sentencing and in other deferral status will be reported. See below for disposition definitions. Contact the specific Washington State Court to correct any background check information.

Washington State Patrol - WSP - Washington State conviction information, arrests and pending charges of less than 12 months, DOC activity, and registered sex offender status

Washington State Patrol
106 11th Ave SW
Suite 1300
Olympia WA  98501

(360) 534-2000 (Press 5 for customer service)

Western Identification Network - WIN - State police records from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming

NOTE: When contacting the FBI, the applicant may be directed to work with the original reporting agency to correct any background check information.  Original reporting agency means the agency that is reporting the information to the FBI. Original reporting agencies can include state non-federal information such as state law enforcement or Department of Public Safety.

If working with the reporting agency has been unsuccessful and the applicant knows what the crime is, they can fill out an Applicant Affidavit Form  providing the exact date and details of the unclear/unknown crime and send the Applicant Affidavit Form to BCCU for review.

If the applicant does not know what the unclear/unknown crime is, BCCU cannot have the applicant fill out an Applicant Affidavit Form since the charge is unknown and the applicant will be unable to provide further information.

Please note that clarifying a crime may not generate a different type of result letter.

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