I received an Additional Information Needed Notification and Packet. Now what?

BCCU requires additional information for us to process your background check.  The following steps outline the process necessary for the applicant to follow in order for their background check to be completed:

1.      Review the information you need to provide and/or clarify identified in your Additional Information Needed packet, including the attached copy of your background check information. 

2.      If you have questions, contact BCCU at (360) 902-7538 or BCCUprocessing@dshs.wa.gov.  Please make sure you have a copy of your background check information you received from BCCU readily available when you call. Include your full name, telephone number with area code, and Inquiry ID/OCA number in any voicemail or email.

3.      Send in requested Court Documents and/or Applicant Affidavit via fax (360) 902-7954, email BCCUprocessing@dshs.wa.gov, OR mail BCCU PO Box 45025, Olympia, WA 98504-5025. Applicants must provide needed information on requested documents (Court Documents and/or Applicant Affidavit).  DO NOT answer additional information needed questions on the Additional Information Needed to Complete Background Check slip-sheet.

Review current Turnaround Times for Court Documents and Applicant Affidavits for expected processing times. 

The applicant will NOT be able schedule a fingerprint appointment until additional information is provided and BCCU completes the background check interim notification. 

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