The Washington State Courts is reporting incorrect or incomplete criminal history about me, what can I do to correct it?

The applicant will need to contact the court listed on the background check results and ask to have the information updated in the court database. BCCU cannot contact the court or correct the information reported for the applicant.

  • Washington State Patrol: (360) 534-2000
  • Department of Corrections: (360) 725-8888
  • Washington Courts: Contact the specific Washington State court reporting the information

If the court updated the reported information and you believe the update will change the results of your background check, contact BCCU after the court has updated the information in their system. You will need to provide BCCU your OCA number and request BCCU to rerun your background check. BCCU will review your criminal history information from all data sources and determine if an updated result notification can be issued.

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