DVR Supervisor LeAnne Raines unites staff during uncertain times

Release Date: 
May 28, 2020

DSHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s Olympic Unit, composed of the Silverdale, Port Angeles and Port Townsend offices, nominates their supervisor, LeAnne Raines, as an Unsung Hero of DVR.

The Olympic Unit describe LeAnne as showing remarkable support for staff during this extraordinary time. Despite having to work remotely and feeling at times physically disconnected, LeAnne unites and connects her staff. Under her supervision, the Olympic Unit operates as one. 

LeAnne is a high-energy individual who now, more than ever, during this time, seeks to know what more she can do to help her staff. She inspires staff to do likewise for DVR customers.

LeAnne has a big heart and shows genuine caring and concern for people. LeAnne sees no one as a number. It is rare that you would take a number and wait in line to speak with her. Repeatedly, staff say LeAnne is interested in helping others succeed. She makes time and finds opportunities to praise and recognize you for your achievements and contributions. To her there is no such thing as a small contribution. Everyone counts and everyone is important. LeAnne has made personal sacrifices during this unprecedented time to ensure the welfare of others. She is an example of resilience and strength.

Recently, LeAnne went the extra mile to onboard two team members rather than wait for a more convenient time, thereby strengthening the Olympic Unit. Although it required greater effort now, she did not waste time to provide the support the team needed. When staff expressed a concern about the air quality in the office, LeAnne took the necessary steps to ensure air quality standards were met, even during a time when staff were not in the office full time. The Olympic Unit says it is reassuring when they can enjoy a laugh with LeAnne. Her positive, can-do attitude will often show even during difficult times.   

Above all, LeAnne embodies the DSHS Mission, and the DVR Mission, Vision, and Values. The Olympic Unit proudly recognizes LeAnne for being a valued source of certainty during uncertain times.