DSHS is conducting rulemaking which may amend the following chapters of rule:

  • Chapter 388-76 WAC, Adult Family Home Minimum Licensing Requirements,
  • Chapter 388-78A WAC, Assisted Living Facility Licensing Rules,
  • Chapter 388-97 WAC, Nursing homes, and
  • Chapter 388-107 WAC, Licensing Requirements for Enhanced Services Facilities

The rule making project filed under WSR 22-04-046 on January 26, 2022 will address the following subjects:

  • Adopt requirements for providers to publicly post stop placement orders, to meet the minimum requirements set forth in SHB 1218.
  • Adopt requirements for providers to create and maintain resident rosters as well as responding to requests from ombuds for roster information. SHB 1218 instructs DSHS to require this from providers.
  • Incorporate new definition of "resident representative" that was updated in SHB 1218.
  • Replace the phrase "his or her" with appropriate gender-neutral terms to have uniformity in language of our rule text and chapter law.
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