2015-17 Governor Inslee Budget Proposal

Governor Jay Inslee 2015-17 Human Services Budget Proposal  

On December 18, 2014 Governor Jay Inslee released his proposed biennial budget for the two-year period starting July 1, 2015.  By law the Governor was required to release a “Book I” and a “Book II” budget.  Highlights of the human services aspects of the Governor’s budget are detailed below.

The Book I budget is required by law to be balanced with no new revenues.  Because the Supreme Court McCleary decision requires billions in new K-12 education funding, the Book I budget involved deep cuts to human services.  Earlier this year, at the direction of the Office of Financial Management, DSHS engaged in a budget prioritization exercise to create 15% reduction packages.  To accomplish the Book I budget, the Governor was required to adopt virtually all of these reductions.  Many of the reductions could only be categorized as draconian.

The Book II budget describes Governor Inslee’s actual proposed budget and is discussed below and in the attached links.  It is fair to say that Governor Inslee deviated greatly from past leaders by refusing to balance the budget by ignoring the needs of the most vulnerable in our society.  Among those thrown much-needed life rings were children threatened with or subject to physical abuse, sexual abuse or extreme neglect, children in foster care, homeless children and families, vulnerable seniors, persons with developmental disabilities, the mentally ill, and others in dire need.  The budget also included cuts to human services programs.  An overview of the Governor’s budget proposal as it impacts human services is outlined in the details and links below.

The Legislature will take up the budget when they begin work mid-January 2015 and must adopt a budget under existing law by early April 2015.


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