Factors Predicting APS Involvement Among Persons Receiving Long-Term Services and Supports

Jun 2023 |
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The Adult Protective Services (APS) program administered by the DSHS Aging and Long-Term Support Administration investigates reports of self-neglect, financial exploitation, neglect, or abuse of vulnerable adults in Washington. In 2018, APS received 60,038 reports of abuse and neglect.

This report is part of a series of analyses examining factors associated with the risk of being identified as an alleged or substantiated victim in an APS investigation. This report extends earlier descriptive analyses and predictive modeling (Bauer et al. 2022a, Bauer et al. 2022b) to better understand the association between potential risk and protective factors and APS outcomes among persons receiving Medicaid-paid long-term services and supports (LTSS), including services provided through ALTSA and the DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). Informed by findings from the previous reports, separate risk models are estimated by age group, allegation type (self-neglect and non-self-neglect), and substantiation status.

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