WA Pathways to Employment – Helping Washingtonians with a disability make informed decisions about going to work

Description: WA Pathways to Employment (P2E) Project is a customer centered public use website and supporting databases to assist people with disabilities who are between the ages of 16 and 64 with access to work resources.  The website promotes greater independence, productive and fulfilling lives by enhancing the ability for consumers with disabilities, their families and assisting providers to:

  • Make informed decisions on whether to work by using an online Benefits Estimator to see the potential impacts working can have on their health benefits and financial status;
  • Access informational content with details about how and when to disclose a disability to an employer or potential employer;
  • Links to video success stories to help learn about the culture and impacts of going to work as described by others with disabilities;
  • Use an online employer locator tool with proximity indicators that show potential employers in the consumer’s area;
  • Build resumes online to support the job search effort.
  • Resources to support individuals who have been involved with the Justice system.
  • An online Individual Work Plan worksheet to help define pathways to self-sufficiency.
  • Behavioral Health resources for people with mental illness
  • Resources for veterans and their families
  • A connection to the DSHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

HCA contactEmployment_Assistance@hca.wa.gov and RDA Contacts: Business: Taylor Danielson, and Technical: Will Edwards.