WA Pathways to Housing – A one-stop resource to help you navigate the world of housing

Description: WA Pathways to Housing (P2H) Project is a customer centered public use website and supporting databases to assist people who are in need of housing.

  • Financial Wellness tools that help you budget, address credit issues and determine your eligibility for housing subsidies.
  • An online Rental Application Builder to create a personalized rental application that can be saved to your own computer and used whenever needed.
  • Supportive Housing Resources with links to decent, safe, affordable, community-based housing with flexible, voluntary support services designed to help you or your family stay housed and live in the community.
  • Links to video success stories that demonstrate others successful transitions to housing.
  • Provider Resources that include access to technical assistance for providers and continuing education opportunities for Peers working in Permanent Supportive Housing.
  • Veterans Page that provides information for housing, dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and other resources.
  • Know your rights pages for tenants and landlords, and information on Fair Housing.
  • More Tools that include additional help for Wellness & Recovery, and those who have been involved with the justice system.

HCA contactEmployment_Assistance@hca.wa.gov and RDA Contacts: Business: Taylor Danielson, and Technical: Will Edwards.