January 7, 2012_ALF "Dear Administrator" Letters

January 7, 2012

ADSA:  BH #2012-002
Fingerprint - Based background check  

Dear Boarding Home Administrator:

In 2011, the public voted Initiative 1163 (I-1163) into law.  In addition to the state background check, I-1163 requires a national fingerprint check for boarding home long-term care workers (caregivers) who are hired after January 1, 2012. 

To meet this requirement, the department will provide electronic fingerprinting services across the state through a contract with L-1 Enrollment Services.

The following link on the aging and disability administration webpage provides information about how to obtain electronic fingerprint background checks for staff hired after January 1, 2012: http://www.adsa.dshs.wa.gov/professional/training/1163/background/default.htm

This site gives a detailed description of the process, including links to the fingerprint appointment form and a list of L-1 locations for fingerprinting services.  To begin the process for a fingerprint check, clearly write “FINGERPRINT CHECK REQUIRED” using a black marker or label in box 3 on the background authorization form.

The boarding home:

  • Must schedule the applicant for the fingerprint check; and
  • May, pending the results of the fingerprint check hire the applicant provisionally and allow unsupervised access to vulnerable adults for 120 days, if the applicant has passed the state background check.

Because of some changes in other rules and other issues related to the expected delay in receiving fingerprint check results, the department is considering changes to the boarding home licensing rules to clarify the requirements related to fingerprint background checks.

If you have questions, please contact your RCS Field Manager.


Joyce Pashley Stockwell, Director
Residential Care Services