June 6, 2013_AFH "Dear Provider" Letters

June 6, 2013

ALTSA:  AFH #2013-009

Dear Adult Family Home Provider:  
The Governor recently signed Engrossed House Bill 1677 (EHB 1677), which will become law on July 28, 2013. 

EHB 1677 will allow providers who currently have two or more adult family homes to apply for an additional license when less than twelve months have passed since the previous adult family home license, as long as the applications:

  • Are due to the change in ownership of existing adult family homes that are currently licensed; and
  • There have been no enforcement actions taken against the applicant's currently licensed adult family homes during the twelve months prior to application. 

The Department will accept and process these applications beginning July 28, 2013.  The Department will continue to consider all application information in determining whether or not to grant a license.

Any application that is received by the Department prior to July 28, 2013, will be processed under the rules and laws in effect on the date of receipt.  The license application form and Chapter 388-76 of Washington Administrative Code (WAC) will be revised to reflect these changes to law.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert McClintock, Quality Assurance Administrator, at (360) 725-2419.  Thank you for your continued commitment to the health and safety of Washington's adult family home residents.


Joyce Pashley Stockwell, Director 
Residential Care Services