October 3, 2013_ALF "Dear Administrator" Letters

October 3, 2013

ALTSA: ALF #2013-0019    
Cr-101 filed to consider amending chapter 388-110 WAC-CONTRACTED RESIDENTIAL CARE SERVICES

Dear Assisted Living Facility Administrator:

The purpose of this letter is to let you know the department is considering amending chapter 388-110 WAC, Contracted Residential Care Services, and has begun the rule making process. The department filed the CR-101 document with the Office of the Code Reviser on October 1st, 2013.

In April of 2012, you received a letter informing us about Substitute House Bill (SHB) 2056 an act concerning a name change from boarding homes to assisted living facilities.  The law became effective June 7, 2012.

The purpose of amending these rules is to comply with SHB 2056 and rulemaking at this time will be limited to changing the term "boarding home" to "assisted living facility" throughout chapter 388-110 WAC.  Please check the ALTSA Internet site at: http://www.adsa.dshs.wa.gov/professional/bh.htm  for the CR 101 document.  We will be posting draft language for review and comment before filing the proposed rule with the CR-102.

 If you have any questions, please contact your local RCS Field Manager. 

E. Irene Owens, Interim Director
Residential Care Services