Survey & Certification Online Course Delivery System - Internet Streaming

Free online training from CMS is available for nursing home staff, surveyors, and others. Please forward to any interested parties. The training is available either on the Internet as a video program or via Satellite television. The training is conducted live initially and anyone in the audience can phone in questions. Those who miss the live sessions can access the reruns of those live sessions at any time of day or night for up to a year, as they are archived online. Even after that, videotapes can be ordered.

Here is the link:

Note: You need to have Internet access and your own email address. If you do not have an email address, one of the free services will be more than adequate for your needs. Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and Google GMail are just some of the many free email services.

Your computer must have Windows Media Player installed, which is a free download.

You must register with the Online Course System for security at the link above (your first name, last name, and a password that you make up). Then you 'register' for each course that you are interested in - it just takes a minute. Some courses require that you take a short 'pre-test' before you can begin the course, so allow for time to take the online test before the start of any live broadcasts.